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• Achieved highest RADAR Rankings as the multi-billion dollar account manager for Bloomberg Radio, AccuWeather Forecast and Alice Cooper Radio.

• Oversaw creation of company products and devised marketing structures for over 25+ nationally acclaimed products and radio shows.

• Created and Branded 5 new programs consisting of 70+ classes.

• Created a platform plan for video website syndication to be implemented on a high volume level.

• Captured a 30% expansion in customer base since 2011, achieved during a period of overall decline in the retail industry.

• Developed and branded 6 new programs including a music scholarship program, a dance program, an ensemble program, an early music education program, a summer program, and a trimonthly student concert series program.

• Increased Recital Performances by 50% and profit margins by 30% through the implementation of ad sales and marketing.

• Led local new location marketing campaign (comprised of media and PR initiatives).

• Developed and executed SEO strategy that achieved and sustained top 3 rankings on Google and Yahoo! (organic, non paid results) for key product search terms.